Our mission

More than just a customer

Our objective with Vexotic Me is not only to provide our customers with high quality products and healthy captive animals, but to build a relationship with every and each of our partners.
We offer all information you may need when acquiring our products, making sure you will be totally prepared and confident about taking your new pet home.
You can reach us out at any time through any platform with any questions or concerns and we will gladly answer you as soon as possible.

Our Story

It's always been about the passion !

It all began when Victor, Vexotic Me’s creator, was still a child… Absolutely passionate about all kinds of bugs and “weird” animals, started collecting spiders and scorpions on the backyard and learning more and more about these amazing misunderstood creatures.
It was always a tough time to get family and friends acceptance towards this hobby, and a long process to teach everyone about the animals and get them to finally accept and understand it. 
Victor was born in Brazil, which also made hard to move on with the love and the hobby of keeping animals, since the laws of Brazil are very restrict and do not allow keeping exotic nor native reptiles and arachnids as pets. The only way found to be able to work and interact with these animals was towards a biology college degree.
It was only in 2019, after moving to the United States, that this big dream of keeping those animals as pets came true, and the collection started growing… As time went by, the idea of turning this hobby into a full-time job became more and more real, leading to where we are today. All of the animals we have are treated as pets, offered the best possible habitats and husbandry, and that will always be a priority.
The animals, the passion and the hobby will always come first, assuring that every animal you get is as gorgeous and healthy as it can be. 

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